Remodel/Comparison Page

This page is attempting to show the specific improvements from some of the remodel projects. The main projects were the main upstairs bathroom, the front porch & front yard, a second upstairs bath, and the latest project, the dining room.

Front Porch & Front Yard


These images are from November, 2004 and July, 2005, so you can see a good bit of work was done over this time. The yard work is quite obvious, but the effect of the new roof is dramatic. I don't have any original pictures of the house, but it would be hard to recognize.

Main Upstairs Bathroom

The original bathtub, during demolition. The main stained glass window is removed for safekeeping.

New jetted bathtub, which is now located under the window.

The area where the new shower is to go is what was once a linen closet.

After installation of a 3-piece fiberglass shower.

This empty area will be used for the stacked washer/dryer.

After building a custom-sized closet, the laundry appliances fit perfectly.
This project started with stripping the original bathroom to the studs and floor joists. It took probably about 4 months, using most every spare minute.

Second Upstairs Bathroom

Sorry, no pictures here yet.

Dining Room

This room is probably my best work. It began by completely removing the ceiling, which had been damaged over the years by leaks from the bathroom above. After rewiring and adding some can lights, a new ceiling was installed in the spring of 2006. In July, the rest of the project began with scraping the wallpaper above the line where the paneling was to go, and spackling so that a smooth coat of paint could be applied. The project is finished as of Christmas, except for a final coat of paint.
This view is of the swinging door into the kitchen, before and after.


The area where this doorway is located was originally a blank wall. Since there were no live electrical wires or pipes in this area, opening this doorway brought a lot of light into the living room, and allowed heat from the wood stove to flow into the dining room. Since the moldings used throughout this house are no longer available, these were stolen from the back sides of doors which are going to be removed in a kitchen remodel, yet to come.


These two are of the same doorway, seen from the dining room side. In this before picture, you can see what kind of shape the walls were in before this project started.


These are not exactly the same view, but both show the entry door from the hall and foyer.